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About Our Firm

Centennial Planning is a comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory firm located in Bay City, Michigan. We pride ourselves in being able to operate under a trusting and confidential service relationship with our clients, and accept the responsibility to be held to a "fiduciary" standard. This standard is also held by your Attorney and CPA.

Let's define a "fiduciary" first. Merriam-Webster's dictionary of law states: "One often in a position of authority who obligates himself or herself to act on behalf of another (as in managing money or property) and assumes a duty to act in good faith and with care, candor, and loyalty in fulfilling the obligation." This means that we are required by law to also tell how we are getting paid and from where, plus if there is a "conflict of interest" we will inform you. We disclose this by a written agreement between us and the client and it has our "fee for services rendered" schedule.

Our Promise

1. We will act in good faith so you can trust your advisor and have confidence knowing that you will benefit from receiving prudent investment recommendations. Without trust and confidence, you would question whether what you want is possible to achieve.

2. We believe your loyalty is important and that we will not be influenced by commissions or other inducements that cause the "fiduciary" standard to be compromised. We feel to honor this standard, annual meetings are the minimum and that our firm and client will come to an agreement on the frequency that meets their needs.

3. We believe financial and investment planning is an ongoing process throughout your life and has different phases, so with this in mind it is best to have other professionals involved. Financial decisions can have legal and regulatory implications and we know clients seek the accountant and attorney for such service. We do not draft legal documents or do tax returns. The team approach on certain issues is of utmost importance. This means the joint colaboration with other professionals on your plan to make sure all the pieces fit as they should. This also involves our firm sharing of information with other professionals, but only as we receive permission from you.

4. We believe, as a firm, that to do a comprehensive financial plan that certain topics need to be addressed. We also recognize that some clients contact us with a burning issue the same as going to a doctor's office because we have a pain or problem that is unlike anything we have ever experienced before. You want this to be the focus of the first planning discussion. With this in mind, these are the usual planning areas and services we address for your Comprehensive Financial Plan.

(1) Establishing goals, (2) Budgeting and cash flow, (3) Insurance review and evaluation, (4) Estate and survivor review, (5) Education funding, (6) Employer stock options, (7) Risk tolerance questions, 8) Portfolio analysis, (9) Income tax planning, (10) Retirement goals and projections, (11) Document preparations and implementation, (12) Review fee schedule, sign and implement plan, (13) Set up and review schedule.

5. Since financial planning and asset management are ongoing processes it is important that if someone is married or has another person who regularly helps in the decision process that all parties participate in meetings. Nothing is harder to correct when information is misunderstood due to a faulty relay of communication about the recommendations and ideas discussed. We usually end up having to review our recommendations and then dollars are spent on wasted time. We promise to keep this at the forefront.

6. We are paid by either a percentage of assets under management, an hourly rate or a flat fee. We can also be an advisor for your individual employer retirement or profit sharing plan. These fees are separate and are not related to the financial planning fees that are paid. Each service stands on its own and has different support staff. We charge fees quarterly on our asset management accounts that are custodial at Fidelity Investments. We do not receive any commissions or compensation from either of these institutions or other advisors. Our money management fees are calculated solely as a percentage of the assets we manage and are disclosed in our agreements. Fee calculations are shown on your quarterly statement.

7. Before money is invested we will make sure clients know their asset allocation, and the strategy we will implement while managing the account. We present easy to understand examples that we have applied in the past.

It is our hope and desire that through our years of financial experience and our focus on client goals you will allow us to become a key part of your financial team, and help you make the many planning and investment decisions that you face now and in the future.

We welcome your inquiry and questions. Please contact us at (989) 686-4240 or email at